location🇩🇪 Berlin
🏭 companyTourlane GmbH
position👷🏻software engineer


I have 5 years of experience as a software engineer. During this time I had a chance to take part in many aspects of enterprise software development:

  • I was a lead/key developer in several big (50+ members, mostly teams were distributed by different locations) projects: I communicated with a customer, participated in tasks estimation, chose technology stack, designed architecture solutions, wrote code, led team of 4-6 members, conducted code reviews...
  • For 2 years I've been a trainer of front-end lab, also I've taken part in several educational programs (react, angular 2) as a mentor / lector
  • I conduct technical interviews with people applying for front-end positions in different locations (Russia, China, Mexico, Romania, England...) and participate as an expert in assessments
  • I had several public talks both in local front-end community and company open events (IT days, IT week...)

All these activities gave me good technical background, understanding of software development processes and communication skills: I worked with JavaScript (ES5/ES6), TypeScript, CSS/HTML... frameworks and libraries like angular, react, redux/flux..., nodejs (express, koa...), build tools - webpack...; I know what CI/CD is, used different branching strategies, worked with a few development methodologies (prefer scrum), understand how testing is important and what kind of testing we can implement.


Ryazan State Radio Engineering University (September 2010 - January 2016)

Faculty: Faculty of Computer Engineering

Degree: Specialist (BA/MA Equivalent)

Specialty: Computer Security (Information Security)